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How many cats, 3?

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I was looking at this thread and doing a little exhaust system learning. It brings up a question for me. http://www.legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8084


I think there are 3 cats in a stock 2005 Legacy GT exhaust system.

(1) In the uppipe

(2) In the downpipe

(3) Far back in the stock cat back


If that is right, does the Cobb catless downpipe take car of cats #2 and #3 at the same time?


I'm thinking that just replacing the stock uppipe and downpipe with the Cobb catless downpipe and uppipe would still leave the 3rd cat in the exhaust system?

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The Cobb Downpipe has two options:

Downpipe w/o High Flow Cat = $425

Downpipe w/ High Flow Cat = $575


To answer your question, if you get the DP it will replace both the DP-cat and Midpipe-Cat. here is info from cobbtuning.com

"Starting with the basics, our downpipe replaces the two factory catalytic converters located directly after the turbocharger. These parts are commonly called the downpipe and 3rd cat or mid-pipe cat."



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You would be without cats.

1-in uppipe


1-mid pipe


cobb down pipe = a shorty downpipe and mid pipe welded together as one piece

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