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Another Paramus meet starting at Nasioc

red beast

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fashion center, sunday, june 25th, rt 17, 11 am


same place as the last one





note - keep checking the nasioc thread for updates



if it rains it may be moved down the road to ikea where there is covered parking.


ikea is at thee intersection of route 4 and route 17 paramus, north of garden state plaza

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it seems to be just subarus this time


That is a negative, they have invited a whole bunch of different clubs including the honda, acura and mazda clubs.


Seems that it is going to be a big one, I want to be there are well.



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Man. I wish somebody would give NYC or Strong Island some love with these meats. I'll try and be there.
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I just got the approval from the Wife (aka Boss):lol: to stop by. I probably will be coming with a couple of people including my brother who has an old school impreza 2.5RS.

I work in Paramus and as of now (6:00 PM) it is still raining, so it looks like it is probably going to have to be at IKEA.

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hey folks.I was there last week (march.13.20010)at IKEA in paramus 2nd floor.

not to crowded like 7-8 subies and 2 bmws.nice ppls there.

its every saturday arround 9 o clock.rain or shine.

Blue Leggy in the parkinglot.

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