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CEL / O2 Sensor help


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Okay, so my friend got an O2 sensor error on his Camaro, which is a piece of trash anyway, but when he was getting it checked out he asked if it was a big deal and the people at the dealership said it would just use more gas.


I recently threw a CEL and flashing cruise which turned out to be an O2 sensor issue as well. Is this true of LGT's because since my O2 sensor started giving me hell it's seemed like I go through more gas to do the same tasks.


As a side note this occured after I installed my Perrin 3" cbe and Cobb dp. I was thinking maybe the increased airflow through the exhaust was showing more O2 at the sensor, so maybe it would toss in more fuel to compensate? Just my theory...maybe I'm an idiot. Also, if this increased fuel usage is tied to the O2 sensor, will Cobb's AP fix this and even out the consumption rate?


If anybody knows of has any ideas, they'd be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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My guess is you are throwing the nice P2096 code ... go get the code checked out at autozone. Yes, the Cobb AP will take care of it, but you will need to get a protune to turn off P2096. Since that code is not currently turned off in the base stage 2 map.
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^ Either that or P4020. :)




I know that Jeremy (of Crucial) has mentioned that the rear O2 is indeed also used for LTFT calculations - and I would imagine that would mess a little bit with fuel economy in the longer run.


Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, though! :)

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I read another thread addressing this issue and had concluded it was one of those two. I just got back in town so I'll be heading to autozone here soon. The other thread didn't really address fuel usage but from the sounds of things it's probably close to what I had imagined.


Thanks for the quick responses, I'll let you guys know how it turns out.

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