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lol, this may sound really stupid, but i just bought a new legacy but not GT just the LtD...hope i dont get looked down upon, but anyways is it possible to add a subwoofer to the oem player? or do i need to get a new deck for it.
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since you sound like you aren't really a huge audio guy, the OEM sub is your best bet...talk to your dealer or shop around the forums




you also sound a little younger and probly want 2 12's in the trunk....that's gonna alot more expensive and frankly not worth it. That and speaker size doesn't make you cool. Custom enclosures that are acusticly clear make you cool.

(Updated 8/22/17)

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Ummm...most people will tell you to save your $$ and buy an AP....simple as that...$700 from jon at TDC.....


Well, first off the AP won't do him much good because he doesn't have a turbo. And second, what does an AP have to do with a subwoofer? :confused:


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hahhaa...no im not gonna be one of those punks that try to pump up the music so loud and drive around. my first car, so i just want to dress it up nicer and style it up a bit more. Yeah i want to get GT, but frankly can't afford it, haha. thanks for all the opinions..was just curious thats all, cause i have an alpine deck but dunno if i can use it in this car since it doesn't seem like i can fit it anywhere.


Thanks again for the help all.

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gotta buy a kit..i got mine from crutchfield.com it was free with the deck


also need a harness and an antenna adapter...which was also free from crutchfield


but if you have the limited, you may have the other ac controls in which you cant use this kit , then you gotta put it in the cubby on the dash...


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