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OEM Upgraded Exhaust and Air Intake

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Just went to get my GT sedan it's 15000 mile service (I Love This Car!!), and while I was there I got to speaking to this old guy who happened to be the service manager for the dealership. He had an impressive knowledge of all the SUBARU cars and parts. He told me that while on a company sponsored trip to Puerto Rico, there were several conferences that all of the employees had to attend. Among these was a disscusion about SUBARU's desire to dramatically increase it's inventory of factory approved performance accessories. They feel that it is a huge market, that they are not taking full advantage of (and I agree). Among specific items that were mentioned, were a free flowing exhaust system and air intake for the GT turbo. He said that he wasn't sure when it would hit the market, but he guessed it would be sometime this fall! I'm sure I'm not the only one anxiously waiting with my check book in my hand. :icon_twis
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^ +1 to both.


The intake should be stepping on to the market momentarily - there's a current thread detailing this very topic.


As for the Bosal/SPT cat-back exhaust? That's in somewhat of a "fiasco"-state right now. It seems that there were/are some initial-quality/production-quality issues - to such an extent that this has forced a "recall" of the some 25 or so units already sold to consumers, and so-far a not completely clarified status on the second batch of these items - which seem to have been made already, but are not making it to the hands of consumers due to continued quality issues.


The current rumor is that the exhaust has been "discontinued." Re-release, if and when, are both unknowns, and several Vendors and owners are still trying to resolve warranty claims/returns with SoA.


There is a running thread on this very issue as well.

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