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Set of (4) Proxes 4s w/ only 5k miles


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Subject says it all. Don't want to ship them, so local pickup/delivery only.




Switched to Nokian WRs for the Boston winter.... planned to throw the P4s back on for the summer... but since then I bought an S2000, and have given the LGT to the wife. (And she doesn't care about tires.)




I am in Boulder / Longmont area.


Edit: These are standard stock size!

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And how do you like your S2000? I'm looking at getting an 03 for summers and weekends.

In a word, it's awesome.


The handling is *phenomenal*. The ability to pull the top down and bomb up the canyon roads here in Colorado.... ahhh! I doubt you could find anything more fun for 3x the price.


Some minor complaints:


1. No torque.

Hard to go from the LGT "torque behemoth" to the S2k, especially at altitude. Waiting until 3k RPMs for the turbo to kick in is nothing compared to having to wind up to 6.5k for VTEC to engage.


2. Kind of notchy going into 2nd when car is cold.

Common to all of them, just have to row slowly for about 15 minutes, which is fine, and standard for me anyway.


3. Clutch delay valve.

Honda put this in to reduce drivetrain shock during launches, but the problem is that when doing WOT runs, the clutch will *slip* for about a second when upshifting. (Basically, your clutch takes the abuse, saving your drivetrain, but this result sin people having their clutch done at 15k miles.) This does not exist in models before '04, so you won't have this issue. It is a very simple mod to remove this valve, and something I plan on doing soon.


Other than that, it's a god damned dream to drive. Handles like a go-kart, sounds like a superbike, and it gets some attention, but not too much!


I would caution you about having one in the Northeast however- the roads up there combined with the ride/suspension will definitely break your ass.

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