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H&R Sport Springs 2006 BL


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H&R has their sport springs available for the BL and I spoke with Jason at H&R Special Springs L.P. about them. The part number is 54425 and their SRP is $369 for the set of four.


Jason suggested that these springs would work well with the OEM struts and that aftermarket hock absorbers were not needed. Is anyone running this combination? I have had good experience with H&R springs in the past and my Maxima SE and 1974 BMW 2002 are both riding on H&R sport springs but in both cases on after market shocks, Tokico gas-overs and Bilstein HD respectively.


H&R would not give me the spring rates or K factors for the springs as this is not their policy. Does anyone know how the H&R spring rates compare with say the STi pinks? Jason suggested that the H&R coilovers would be a better solution since the spring and struts are matched, but I think that this may be overkill for a street application as I am not going to track my BL and doubt that I would ever adjust ride height once it was set.

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