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Legacy 2.0 (160bhp) modding options

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Sold my UK spec 2001 WRX PPP bugeye and ended up coming out of subaru garage with a standard UK model 2006 legacy 2.0re. I'm not sure if the USA gets the 2.0ltr 160bhp model, probably not.


anyway, am pleased with it - especially the handling that is amazing, even compared to the impreza however, at 160PS it is a little short on horses and I'm missing the torque in the 2500 to 4000 rev range. Obviously, it's never going to be an impreza performing beast like the 3.0 turbo spec b but I'd like to hear if anyone knows any tuning options to make it perform just a little bit better.


I use it mainly for trips in scotland skiing in winter and it was just a little lacking in grunt zipping up the glenshee A93 last week.




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