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Sport seats for LGT 2.5


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I have a 2005 LGT Wagon with about 19000 miles. I am planning on shortly installing a Perrin uppipe, Cobb downpipe w/ cat, Perrin midpipe into the stock mufflers, along with a PDX programmed Cobb AP. I already have put in a K&N panel filter. Wheels are 18x8 OZ Superleggas with 225/40 Yokohama AVES100. I also plan on brake upgrades, springs, sways, and shocks if anyone ever makes 'em. I plan on using the car for track days and would like some nice sport seats, preferably Sparco Monza or Torino, maybe some Corbeaus, to hold my butt in place.


My concern is available width for the lower cushion and not getting lower thigh bolsters that are so high and tight that the car is uncomfortable for long distances. Has anyone put aftermarket seats in their LGT and are there any fitment issues? Any recommendations on a not too wild seat? What about the cheap sport seats I see advertised in magazines like Street Tuner for $300-450 per pair? Poor quality?


Finally, has anyone put a 4 or 5 point harness in their LGT and do I need a harness bar to use a harness?


P.S. I'm getting out of kart racing and have a Birel Q31 with a 2-stroke HPV motor putting out about 23 hp to sell with loads of spares. Anyone interested in such a beast? I'm located in South Bend, Indiana. Patience if you're interested. I'll be on vacation and won't review replies until after 4/8/06.

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