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Opinions on My Stereo Options


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Hey Fellow LGT owners… I just picked up my new 06 LGT Limited and love it. I wouldn’t quite call myself an “audiophile” but I do love and feel I can appreciate a great sounding stereo. The stock system is pretty lacking in clarity and bass in my opinion. So I’ve read lots of posts here and poked around for a couple of days. Basically, my goals are:


1)Solid, clear bass but not too strong. Nothing like a couple 12”s would put out, just to round out the sound.

2)Clear crisp mids and not too shrill of highs (it irritates me)

3)Cheap/Best bang for the buck

4)Out of sight… no huge amps or sub boxes in trunk. I have the onboard Navi and that kills the space under the driver seat so if I buy a Subaru underseat sub, I’d have to move the stock wiring to the passenger side.


So, here’s what I’m toying with doing based on my findings:


> Infinity 6012i or 6012si all the way around ($65/pair x 2 = $130 at etronics.com) or

Polk DB650’s all the way around ($85 x 2 = $170 at many stores)


>Power Akoustik A600-4HP Amp (good reviews especially for only $70 at etronics.com) I need to measure but I think this could slip under the front passenger seat and save me some trunk room it’s 11.25”x11”x2.4”. I don’t know if this amp would give me stronger bass with the upgraded speakers. I just know with my old Honda, I put in a new Sony HU with more power and it made my crappy stock speakers sound WAY better and they hit harder. Wonder if that’ll translate to this setup?


Or, if I should forgo the amp, I could do the Subaru (Panasonic) under-the-seat sub with just the speakers powered from the Stock HU. I’ve seen it for prices in the low $100s. I know it’s not the greatest quality or power but maybe it’d be enough?


Essentially, this would run $200-$350 + shipping and supplies.


I think that sounds pretty reasonable. I hoping to get some opinions or recommendations based on my modest budget and desires. Thanks in advance!

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I'd just do the speakers all the way around. Best bang for the buck. You'll get far better sound than stock & considerably more mid-bass. Adding the stock sub would just add more mid-bass given the headunit's limitations, so I'd nix that.


If you want to start adding amps you'll have to go farther than your budget allows to get good sound - you'll need to clean up the HU signal with a cleansweep or equivilent.

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I sold car stereos in college for five years from everything to db drag racing nutty stuff to basic.


IMHO for entry level upgrades I would look strongly at the Memphis speakers. Great sounding bang for the buck! Can run them off the OEM head or get small amp.


If your wanting some low end and space is an issue look at a JL 8W0 sub w/a small 95 watt amp again look at the Memphis. Get a truck wedge box or a small square box for $49 and strap it to the seat to fire through your ski hole or rearwards to reflect off the truck. Mount the amp to the box


You could go with their small 4 channel and run the sub in mono off the rear of the amp, run the front door speakers on the front channel of the amp and leave the rears on the OEM head unit.


Buy local off the internet w/electronics is a pain...shipping, returns, defectives + your supporting a local guy.


Don't forget wiring ~75 bucks get a kit w/everything in it and some speakerwire

Line out put converter ~49

Dynamat use as budget allows...w/a sub you'll want some on the trunk and license plate for rattles and if you can afford it do the doors it will help the sound a TON + help w/road noise


Good luck!

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