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I bought it! 06 LGT 5spd!!

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I bought my first brand new car on Sunday!!! I got a 2006 LGT black on black 5spd. Only options are the rocker panels and the auto dimming mirrors. Might get a STS and subwoofer in the future.


Price: 27,300 (w/ rebate 25,800)

OTD: 28355.71



For you San Francisco people, I went to Carlsen Subaru and was quoted $25,700 for a silver LGT but I wanted black. I didn't even have to negotiate that price, it was the first number they gave me. Next, I decided to venture over to Stevens Creek Subaru to see if they could get me a good deal since I knew they were the only Subaru dealership in the Bay Area with black LGTs. After about an hour of negotiating, hearing the whole "I've got to make a fair profit on this car" and " I can't sell this car below invoice" I got the price down to $25,800. They definetly used the old school tactics but nobody was unusally rude. I did some research on Stevens Creek Subaru here before going in.


I did find out an interesting fact though. At Carlsen Subaru, I asked the guy if he could do a dealer trade and get me a black LGT. He checked and said there weren't any black ones in the bay area. I left and called Santa Cruz Subaru and did they same. They said the only black LGT in the Bay Area was at Stevens Creek Subaru and he couldn't get it from them because they're notorious for not trading with other dealers. I probed the guy some more and he told me that Stevens Creek Subaru does not have a very good reputation among Subaru dealers across the nation. I guess dealers feel the same way as customers do about Stevens Creek.


Anyways... as you probably know, I'm ecstatic about owning this car. Can't wait to break that 1000miles barrier so I can truly have fun with the car.

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Congrats!!! Enjoy and drive it in good health!!! Next to white, black is my favorite color! Can't wait to see it!


05 SWP Legacy GT Limited (aka "Pearl")- 5MT AP - Stage 2 Protuned (238/284) - wife driven

07 BMW 335xi

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The STi shifter is from what I recall somewhere around $250. The only difference between the STi one and the regular shifter is the actual handle. The whole assembly you buy with the STi STS is exactly the same as the regular one.


The reason why I suggest the Cobb is....

1. It is cheaper. I think it's about $120-150.

2. It allows for double adjusability. Adjust throw and adjust the height.

3. For the same amount of money spent buying the STi STS you could buy some stiffer bushings with the Cobb STS to add to a better feel. Front bushings run $30, the rear bushing is about $30, the STi Tranny mount is about $75.

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