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WRX STI seats in LGT


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Ok - The short version

Swap - never completed


Driver seat -

The driver seat has air bags as we all know. Some people suggest to install a resistor, but nobody has actually done it (in a leggt) Also, the driver seats has a sensor that measures how close/far you are from the steering wheel. The sensor controls the steering wheel bag speed of deployment in a crash. Again, nobody has actually done the swap and that made me concerned about the general safety. (ex - what happens if I install a resistor it shorts the system in a crash and none of the bags work and my family or friends die. IMO pretty serious stuff. Now add the mechainical and install to make things more fun. Finding a bracket for say a Recaro was a chore, but one company in CA makes one. However, my research stated that the quality of the bracket was not good (for other cars) and in some cases raised the seat or lowered out of a comfort range. Naturally the heated seats and that sort of thing is a bit of an issue as well, but "cureable". Lastly, think about F-ing around with the install of these seats in your garage and something odd happens (you know it always does) and you deploy 1/2 of your air bags. That is a bad day. I found the costs rising and the confidence falling.

The driver seat I would have purchased was 800ish, and I believe the brackets were 100 each and the resistors (a very odd one, and NOT tested) were like 40 each.


You could (not should) disconnect the seat bags but you will have a airbag light on your dash and naturally the bag will not work. You will need to do something with the other sensor (how close to the wheel you are) and could "probably" mount to the underside of the new seat. The sensor reads something in your track(?magnet) and that would need to be installed in the new track AND the position of install is CRITICAL to be certain it works and the bag deploys at proper speed.


I'll continue with passenger side or wrx swap.


I would have changed both seats, because, well.... Thats just the way I am. The passenger seat has all the same issues as the drivers seat +1 major pain in the arse. The passenger seat has a sensor that measures weight of your passenger as you probably already know. This sensor resets each time the car is shut off. The idea of the sensor is if the passenger is under X weight it will not deploy the dash bag. I thought, well my kids always ride in the back. Perhaps I could "tape" down the switch or close the circuit and this will always deploy the bag. This "may" work, but something changed my mind at the time. It may have been the fact that I would have to "dig" the sensor out of the passenger seat, close the circuit and leave it under the seat.


The fact is any one of these issues can be cured, but the pile of them goes against the risk/reward IMO.


OK the wrx/sti swap. - My fingers are tired so I'll keep it short. The computer in your leg gt knows way to much. Even a reprogram will not work.


Now Keep in mind that the information above is not supported by me or Subaru, and simply a fairy tale. That said, please be smart and consider the safety of everyone in and around your car. this is not a simple modification of an air filter here folks. In Fact Subarus states "any changes to the seat in ANY WAY (includes foam mods) is not supported by subaru because the seats are crash tested as designed including general construction, elevation etcetcetc.


In other words, I hope this write up helps you leave it stock and don't come after me with a lawyer.

If you decide to be a "cowboy" be prepared to spend $2500 for a quality package.


God bless America

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One more thing -


Lets just pretend I have had these seats apart. They are SOOOO cheap.


The Lumbar is the cheesiest thing I have ever seen. like a plastic shoe horn attached to a coat hanger. Not to mention it pushes on your tailbone and not your lumbar region.


Lets just say it "wouldn't" be that hard to modify the foam in the seat bottom, but it "probably" would not help that much. For instance if you removed the bottom seat cusion and shaved 1" of the hard foam and then add a peice of 2" soft foam in its place. It "may" help.


Again, this would be unsafe, and I would never suggest you do this.

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