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Disappearing Coins?


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Anybody had any problems with coins/tokens disappearing if you keep them in the ash tray (2005 2.5GT Ltd manual)?


I just did an unbelievable magic trick without even trying. I opened the ash tray on my way home from work to check how many bridge tokens I had left in there. Counted five, and put them back in the tray, shutting it. I get to the bridge toll, open the ash tray--and they are all gone! Each one is about the size of a quarter (and thicker). I cannot believe that a bump in the road, or shutting the ash tray too fast made a stack of them jump out behind the dash or something. But that's the only explanation I can think of.


Anybody have any tips on removing the whole ash tray unit? I tried a search already but couldn't find anything. I can get to a few screws for the stereo/heat control panels (if I pop the side trim off). Is this where I should be starting, or is there a more direct way to get the ashtray section out??

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Cool, I'll go give that a try :icon_cool


edit: Thanks, bemani. I found five stupid tokens under the shifter panel. Figured out how they got there too. A little metal tab is loose and the actual internal ash tray piece is flipping forward, revealing a way for the tokens to slip between it and the plastic door, right into the dash.

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