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Nor Cali Saturday Mar 4th 2006 BBQ Meet!


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Ok so I am new here but some one said I should post this here as well. Hope some one makes it out from this site. Remember this is for all SUBARU's!




*Here is what people said they where bringing so far*

Me: 1 Bag of charcoal, A set of grilling supplies, and a cooler full of ice

Gio: <-- not able to make it

USAF_STi: A package of hotdogs

Roo: BBQ supplies, Mesquite charcoal (2x40lb bags), and ice for the coolers along with two coolers for soda

Flipmode: Paper plates, fork, spoons, knives, napkins, and cups

Gilmor25: Chips and Salsa/dip

Slvrsubywgn: Two 12pk pop <-- You deside what kind

Ricky: a package of buns and burgers

SubaruCrazy: a package of buns for both dogs and burgers

Cohnster: 4 steaks and a package of dogs

Pat: package of buns and dogs

Dan: burgers and buns

Adam: some marinated chicken and rice! I'll also bring my small grill.

Metalfreak79: some potato salad

Bolshoi125: chicken manok here

DoubleHelix: I can bring Soda (POP).

dlouie87: Sodie Poppie

SKSTI: I'm going to bring pies and cookies.




Please post what you are willing to bring and it will be updated across all eight boards




Who: Any one that loves Subaru’s

What: A get together for a big BBQ

When: Saturday March 4th 2006 11:00ish a.m.

Where: Pena Adobe / Lagoon Valley park in Vacaville

Why: Have not figured that out yet if any one does let me know

How: It’s a BYOB type deal


Let me splane. This is the second time for this type of event at this place. The first time we had about 15 cars turnout. I will post this across eight forums (this is nuts) LegacyGT.com, subaruforester.org, subaru-svx.net, iwsti.com, i-club.com, clubwrx.net, rs25.com and nasioc.com to try to drum up some attendance. The date is set for Saturday March 4th 2006. As I know you can’t please every one but I want to try and get as many people as possible to show up. If this makes sense, I want all to bring some but not some to bring all. I will have a list at the bottom of this of things that need to be brought to the BBQ. This is where it will get interesting is trying to compile all the information from the five sites. The sooner I can get the information the sooner I can get it back out to every one. Every one that wanted a Saturday meet is getting one and this is right in the middle of Sac and San Fran. Let me know what you think.


The list of things:




4.Buns for the dogs and burgers


6.Ice and coolers for the pop


8.Grilling supplies – I have a set that I will bring, but from experience we need two.


That’s about it; I am trying to keep it simple. I don’t want people to bring a big case of burgers, just small little package’s, same with the dogs. This will allow for a couple of people to bring like items and not spend much. If yous guys start to bring more than what is listed we will need plates and in what not. And the tables are not the cleanest in the world.


Check the link for a map of the palce insert link here you will have to zoom out a little too.


Here a description of the Park that I got from cityofvacaville.com


Lagoon Valley Park

Pena Adobe Road just off of Interstate 80

The 470 acre park includes the historic Pena Adobe home, barbecue areas, horseshoe pit, multi-purpose field, bike trails, a small pond, excellent hiking, Lagoon Valley Lake for fishing and non-motorized boating. The park also features a 30,000 square foot fenced in dog park complete with trees, water and trash receptacles.


Plenty of parking 300 spots, if I counted right.





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Time for the big update! The first post has some additions as to what people are bringing. Now you might ask your self where in the hell have I been. Well my father came in to town to visit and that took a lot of my time. Once he left my GF got in to an car wreck and I have been dealing with that. If you would like to read about how she rolled it click here.


Per weather.com, on Saturday March 4th there is now only a 10% chance of precipitation, cloudy sky's and SSE winds at 10mph.


We are planing to do a drive after the BBQ to Rockville through Lake Beareisa. There will be two groups. 1st group will be lead by Allen in a Black 05 STi, this will be our "fast" group. The 2nd group will be lead by me, I have an Blue 04 STi, this will be the "slow" group. The 2nd group will abide by the posted speed limit. Both groups will stop at the Lake Beareisa damn for a little rest and a photo opportunity. We will then continue towards Rockville. If you want to turn around there at the damn you can however it will be just as quick to go all the way to Rockville. We will stop at Rockville and at that point My self or Allen will lead the group's to 80 and back to the park. If you should feel froggy, be my guest and take the long way back. It will be right at an 2 hour drive from the time we leave the park to Rockville that will include the stop at the damn. I will bring my second car as a "storage car" so every one that has grilling supplies and what not can leave it there at the park and come back to pick it up.


A couple more things. I will not be held responsible for any thing that might go wrong on this drive. If you go, you go knowing that some thing might happen. I will do every thing with in my power to make sure nothing does. I am sure the will be questions. PM me asking for my cell and I will be more than happy to give it to you. You know in case you cant find the park or some thing like that.

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