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Problem---- Check Engine Light On after idling too long?


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Last night after the Socal meet, i started up my car, turned on the headlights and was chatting with the guys for a little bit over 10 min. Then we hop on the car and ready for take off, the slope was steep and i had to back out my car while turning the steering wheel up the steep drive way.


I felt a "clunk" like a branch went under the wheel. I had to step on the gas very hard (2.5i :O) and hit the breaks to wait for another car backing out. Then we continue down the drive way, soon as we did that i notice that my car is rattling and the break responded very weird, seeing that my "check engine" light is on, basically the car is just weird!


I pulled over to the side, trying to stop the car, the break was really hard to push down... and the steering wheel feeled locked...:confused: i step off the car seeing nothing is stuck between my wheel and my car, then restarted and it was fine....



Does anyone know what happened? Fellow Legacy driver said probably i was idling the car way too long... is there any other reason that could have cause this? Should i take it for a check up? :icon_cry:

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