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Are you any of these people?!


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blue GT sedan in Mooresville yesterday at noon in the Super Target shopping center parked in the Salsaritas/Camille's parking lot.


blue GT wagon in Mooresville yesterday in Lakeside Business park around 12:45pm. i thought mine was dirty, but you look like you took yours muddin'! :lol: i think this is the guy who works at Yates-Roush Engines and was on here with the dynoguy(?) name, maybe?


a sand-colored (no idea on the formal name) Outback at Clark's BBQ in Kernersville today around noonish, and another on 40W just outside of W-S (could have been the same car) around 3:15.


silver GT sedan in Mooresville today on 150E headed towards 77 around 4:15.


all of us in Mooresville need to get together for lunch someday!!



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