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Part # for dashboard?

mmm def

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Hey I have a horrible rattle/thunk from the drivers side near the top vent when I hit a bump. The tab that holds the dash to the metal frame under is cracked and the fit is not tight. It drives me nuts to hear this plastic thud. I dremmeled the hole a bit and pushed up on the dash then screwed the screw in, whoala the plastic thud is gone. However it comes back every 2 weeks or so.


So this bugs me so much I might want to replace the top part of the dash..or turn it in at the end of the lease which I don't want to do at all.


Anybody have the part # for the top part of the dash? (is there even a part?)



What do you think about the swap, major headache?

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I have a similar creaking/rattline/SOMETHING and it's getting out of hand, but I haven't tried the dremel thing... maybe I'll do that before I try to get the dealer to replace the dash. But, let us know if you get that dashboard replaced because I want to see if it fixes it... good luck!
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