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Install Question with GPMotos


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I have done some searches on my first question to no avail so far, so please go gently here. I am installing my gpmoto coilovers and have a question. At what ride height are these things set before shipping? If all I am looking for is about 3/4" drop, what do I need to do? And last, I have seen it both ways here on the forum, so as far as setting the stiffness, is it clockwise for stiffer, and counterclockwise for softness, or the other way around?


Thanks Guys



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They are set at a random ride height... LOL


Your just gonna have to guestimate.


What springrates do you have.


If you have 8/8 rates your gonna pretty much have to bottom out the rear cup and the front cup needs to be pretty low too. About 3/4 an inch past the bracket.

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Sorry i didnt complete the statement LOL, the bottom of the shock should be 3/4 of an inch past the bottom of the front bracket.


This is for 8/8 rates only Doing this on 6/6 rates will probably slam your car.


You can always adjust the height by turning the shock after install though.

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