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Need a Subaru mechanic in NJ...help!


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Hey everyone,


I own a 96 Legacy LTS, got it from a friend. It's a great car but I am not so good with the upkeep. I have been taking it to my local mechanic for oil changes and repairs but I think I need to get it to a Suby specialist.


First off, my CHECK ENGINE light has been blinking for about two weeks and I really want to get that looked at. The engine has been making a lot more noise than usual.


Plus, there's a ton of other stuff like broken heat vents, broken CD player, blown speaker, broken handle for trunk pop, etc - that a Subaru specialist might be able to fix.


I will go to a dealer but have been paranoid about "dealer costs" so I thought I'd see if anyone knew of mechanics in the NJ/NY area that are Subaru specialists...Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks.

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