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Ahh - I can't take it anymore - cars.com review of MS6

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So, I'm reading a review of the Mazdaspeed6 on cars.com and I come upon this:


"There are sedans for under $30,000 that have about the same horsepower as the MazdaSpeed 6, such as the Toyota Avalon, for instance. But that's a heavier car, and it won't accelerate quite as quickly as the Mazda. The other one that comes to mind is the Volkswagen Passat, with a new optional 280-horsepower engine available later this model year, but the price probably will be over the $30,000 mark.


The MazdaSpeed 6's starting price, then, rings up as something of a bargain. Like Volkswagen, Mazda has always tried to emphasize the driving experience over the ride in its cars, giving the brand a strong reputation with enthusiasts, who generally wouldn't want an "average" car such as a Camry or Accord.


In that vein, the MazdaSpeed 6 comes off more as a Japanese BMW than some other Japanese cars costing thousands more -- including the previous-generation Lexus IS model.

WTF?? Where's the comparo with the LGT?? It's as if the LTG simply doesn't exist. I simply don't understand how these "nationally recognized" car writers/reviewers could simply ignore/forget the MS6 is a direct competitor to the LTG. how can any reader take these guys seriously?? I'm not suggesting the LGT is nessarily better (I haven't driven the MS6). But I'm sick of these "experts" unilaterally ignoring the LGT.


It gets better...


Mazda says this car is "not just about speed."


"As befits a top-of-the-line model, the MazdaSpeed 6 offers a host of creature comforts that the 'rally replicas' could only hope for," the company said in an announcement introducing the new model.


The "rally replicas" reference was to cars such as the Subaru Impreza WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, compact sedans that are street-legal versions of European rally race cars.


Unlike the rally-replica cars, the MazdaSpeed 6 has a comfortable ride. Those other cars can be quite harsh.


Nice slam, Mazda exec's! Interesting that they didn't even mention the LGT, just took a pot shot at the WRX. (And, of course, the writer/reviewer doesn't call the exec's out - he simply says the other 2 are "harsh".)


What a joke. Thanks for letting me rant.

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The MS6 is NO Evo or STi competitor. I reckon the manufacturer tells them certain things to say. I rememeber every article on the Tribeca was prefaced with "Subaru's Largest and most expensive vehicle to date." That kind of redundancy can only be planted by the manufacturer


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Ford; The best selling cars and trucks in the world (in the color black)


Important thing is to note the qualifiers and disqualifiers in the article from there you can see why they include or exclude what competition they do.

IMHO- the MSP6 is Mazdas' stab at the WRX/EVO crowd. The HP is similar, AWD is there even if not full time, but the MSP6 affers more refinement and luxury than either the EVO or WRX. Thats really the only point I can say where the MSP6 would be more desireable than a WRX or EVO. Purists know the truth, and aren't worried by the spin doctoring. Mazda doesn't bite into the legacy because for one- they disqualify it mainly die to it's HP. An on paper 24HP difference is huge in this industry. But more than that I think is that they know they cant really match the legacies refinement despire cost and HP, nor can they offer anything close to the Modability after purchace that Subaru can and does. With some very minor yet somewhat costly upgrades we can turn the 250HP H4 into a 300HP monster, and Mazda knows this. best to leave sleeping dogs lie I think is mazdas case.


besides- if Subary really wanted to (and Jap corps are notorious for their one-up-manship against eachother) they could release the proper Spec.B over here and it would really be all over but the crying.

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Wouldn't want people to know they can get a better overall car for about the same price somewhere else do you? :lol:


I like being the underdog anyway. Makes it more enjoyable!

It is the disposition of men to desire that which he cannot have, hence my un-quenchable wet desire for Shakira!
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who cares?!?


Articles are only going to give you SOMEONE else's opinion/facts on the car. I certainly am not going to base my decision off someone elses. There are always going to be choices. I'm happy with my LGT and certainly made the right decision in my mind regardless of what was available at the time.

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