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Alpine HD Radio TUE-B500HD


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I just spoke with someone at crutchfield. They have the Alpine CDA-9856 on pre-order expected 2/6/2006. This head unit is completely un-remarkable except that it's the first one Alpine is selling as "HD Radio Ready" ... the corresponding tuner is supposed to be available on the same date, model TUE-B500HD. They do not have any information on whether that tuner works with older head units, and told me to check back after the product starts shipping. I would guess that if it provides "transparent" support of HD radio, new head units will be required...


I have my eyes on a CDA-9855 for the cubby location right now, but now have another reason to wait (besides the fact that my LGT isn't here yet ... lol)


On one hand I'd expect the tuner to work much like a satellite tuner, on any AI-bus head unit. But if they have acheived transparent support of HD radio without having yet another mode/source selection, that would be supurb and probably make it worth waiting for another head unit...provided that new head unit matches the LGT's dash as well as the CDA-9855 does...


I think the CDA-9856 (see at crutchfield.com) and the TUE-B500HD are both expected to be announced at CES.

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Crutchfield got the model wrong. The tuner is model # TUA-T500HD


HD Radio Press Release


New Alpine 2006 Head Units - Press Release


The HD Radio tuner does not work with older head unit models. The SRP of the tuner is only $250, which is way below the existing competition from Eclipse and Kenwood.


The CDA-9857 probably replaces the CDA-9855.

CDA-9857 CD/MP3/WMA Ai-NET receiver

Alpine's CDA-9857 features a dot matrix BioLite™ display for wider viewing angles and outstanding visibility even in harsh daylight. The detachable faceplate flips down for access to the CD loading slot. Along with KCE-422i Full Speed Connection for iPod compatibility, the CDA-9857 also offers the new Percentage Search function for rapid iPod file navigation. XM or SIRIUS satellite radio, HD Radio, Bluetooth functions and USB-based MP3 player playback can be added and controlled through the CDA-9857 (additional Alpine interface adaptors, tuner boxes and subscriptions required).


These new head units are also Bluetooth Ready!


Sign me up. They claim all the goodies will be out by March or April. I can wait until then. I hope the backlight colors can still be programmed to match the Legacy's dash.

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In Houston, all the stations I care about have either licensed the technology or have it up and running.


In New York, there are 62 stations licensed and 37 on the air. Not bad for a technology nobody has heard of.


HDTV is taking forever because of the huge investment needed. Broadcasters have to pay for more tower space, transmitters, huge energy costs associated with running the transmitters, and replacing basically everything in their facility to accomodate HD.


HD Radio requires very little cost on the part of the broadcaster. They just need to license it, buy some extra stuff for their transmitter (maybe an encoder and a new exciter), and they're basically done. It works for both AM and FM stations. You can learn more about it at iBiquity.com. They also have a list of HD-enabled (or soon to be enabled) stations.


I have no idea what the sound quality is like. I'd imagine, based on the bitrates I've seen, that it will be roughly comparable to XM when used by FM stations. That said, XM radio's sound quality is pretty poor, but it sure beats FM! I am mostly looking forward to it cleaning up the reception on our local NPR station (fingers crossed!)

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Alpine has their 2006 product line on their website now. http://www.alpine-usa.com/


Glidetouch is gone for 2006. No love loss there.


Unfortunately, the 512-color adjustable backlight is gone too. It looks like only blue and green for 2006 -- maybe just blue; the specs only say blue but I swear the numbers under the lower row of buttons look green. The ring around the knob also looks green. I'm worried this will look stupid(-er) in the dash.


My old Blaupunkt HU had a fully adjustable backlight color and it was awesome. I moved it from my BMW (red) to my VW (green) and it matched both so well that everyone thought it was a factory headunit. :(



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