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Best small tablet (or large phone) for BtSsm in 2024?

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I have been using an old galaxy phone to display the Torque app on my factor nav screen for many years, the old phone has finally stopped working and I'm thinking of switching to BtSsm. The new tablet will likely take the place of the factory nav using a JDM bezel so I don't want anything to big. What's my best choice?

I would prefer the hardwire connection for BtSsm with the KKL cable, so OTG + charging comes into play. Is that still an issue with more modern tablets? Is wireless charging a work around? 

Any and all guidance is appreciated.



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Curious to hear what people say. I'm still using a Nexus 7 2013 with Timur's ROM.

I've tried a couple newer 8" Samsungs, but had to get bigger bezels from China to fit them.

Still never got to a point where it was as good and reliable as my current setup, the tough part is keeping them charged if you are only taking short trips.

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Hmm, I a little surprised no one has a more current installation. 

From my digging it looks like the USB OTG + Charging is a micro USB thing. The more current standard with USB C is USB 2.0 with Power Delivery. But it still seems very difficult to know which devices support this. I am also struggling to find a current (or near current) tablet in a size the will fit well. Seems the 7" to 8" category has been abandoned. And I'm looking to avoid the no-name Chinese devices as reviews indicate they can be very slow and unstable. I'm at a bit of a dead end on the tablet front.

I am currently looking into running Android on a raspberry Pi. It looks like there is a path there but it is bit complicated because Android is not native to the Pi. The up-shot is there are good options for screens and mounting, and no complications with power supply.

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What you are finding is largely why very few people have a newer setup.

I tried a newer 9" Samsung tablet with a dash vent from Aliexpress that would fit it, but trying to get it into a very low-power state that wouldn't result in having to externally charge it at least once a week was a blocker.  That's a large part of what worked with the Nexus 7, it was the right size and there were a couple of custom ROM options that would be good for an automotive scenario.

I'm still interested in experimenting, but don't currently have a lot of time to devote to it.

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