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Free Stuff!!


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Looks pretty dead in here so this is likely a long shot. Haven’t been on this forum for many years.

Free stuff.
Have some stock parts that I found from my old 06’. Good for anyone wanting to go back to stock!
Everything is free and I don’t really want to go far to meet ya if can be avoided. I’m up in the northglenn, Co area. Want these gone as they’re taking up room. Probably give it another week before I toss it all. 
-stock CV shafts 
- stock springs
-stock new throw out bearing 
-stock boost controller 
- stock EJ25 block(no heads) 
Either was a bad bearing or bad ringland.
-stock headlights
-HID bulbs 4000k(not sure of condition)
-Box of left over wires, plugs and bulbs from HID conversion.











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Willing to ship those headlights?  I’ll gladly compensate for the time, materials, and hassle. 


ooops. Cancel that request.  I thought they were 08-09. 

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"Striving to better, oft we mar what's well." - Bill Shakespeare - car modder
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