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What transmissions+differentials pop into the '92 Legacy Wagon?

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Unfortunately my Legacy has decided that gears are optional and its time for a swap. 

The transmission that's in there right now is a TZ102ZA2AA-MH according to the sticker. 


With that being said obviously I need something that'll bolt in, but what cars should I look for parts? Is there a cutoff of model year before I start having fitment issues?


Appreciate all information as I'm going in completely blind and there's not much for information online that's not conflicting. 


Thank you, Entity from BC

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For your purposes anything 98down will work.

The transition from phase 1 to phase 2 should coincide with the change from 4-bolt bell-housing to 6-bolt.

Depending on what you get you may wind up needing to track down a rear diff to go with the new trans as most of the later ones are 4.10 whereas yours is 3.90. 

Swapping the ring and pinion bits from your old trans to the new one is doable but it's about the same amount of work as doing a rebuild so not really worth it.


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