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JDM wagon pinks - need saggy butt spacers?

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This is a dumb question but I figured I might as well get some opinions.

My '07 wagon currently has Koni adjustables and Tein H Tech springs front and rear. I have 3/8" saggy butt spacers on the back and I probably should have gone with the 1/2" to make it closer to level. I've lived with it for over 12 years now and there's a bunch of rust on the springs and bottom of the shocks so I'm ready for a refresh.

I bought STI pink wagon rear springs and I'm going to be installing new Bilstien rear shocks.

Is there any need for spacers? The front is pretty darn low, so I'm assuming not.

I have the stock 17" wheels on in the summer and 18" for winter. Hopefully the OEM STI 18" wheels I bought will actually leave Japan soon and I will probably wind up keeping them on all year.



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