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Q: Code C0074, VDC Pressure sensor broken & needs replacing

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Hi all,

I recently had my 2005 Legacy 3.0R Spec B. looked at after I noticed the ABS and VDC light comes on after driving for a bit. Mechanics told me that after checking the wiring & electrics that the sensor inside the VDC unit is broken (code returns as high voltage to sensor), but they can't repair the sensor so have to replace the whole unit. I was quoted NZD$7000 for a new one from Japan...

I got a second opinion from another mechanic & they say the same thing, however, have been looking for a 2nd hand part but with no luck after a few weeks of searching.

The part no. is 27596AG190 (was 27536AG190 but must have changed as nothing comes up).

Some questions I have are:

  1. Does the part number have to be exact in order to work?
  2. Is it completely impossible to fix the sensor in the unit?
  3. Is it worth getting a 3rd opinion in case the first 2 missed something?
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