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drivetrain vibration -- cv axles or just busted pulleys?


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Hi everybody i have an issue with a slight but noticable vibration when my car is fully stopped in drive. If i put it in neutral it goes away and if i put it back in drive it comes back. If i turn the ac on it gets stronger -- this is why i think the issue might be with the crank pulley or other pulleys. Now the otherĀ  thing i noticed: every day on my way to work i have make a u turn from a slight incline and while i wait for oncoming traffic to pass -- fully stopped on an incline with steereing wheel about 50% turned to the left and there's absolutely zero vibration, you cant even tell if the engine is on, runs butter smooth -- this is why i think the issue might be with cv axles. Engine is 251 and trans is TZ1A. Replaced engine mounts and trans mount, replaced spark plugs and wires, sent fuel injectors through cleaning machine. ofcourse all filters are good and its not a missfire


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