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WRX Rims on 2023 Touring XT

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HAs anyone put WRX rims on 2023 Touring XT? I have a chance to pic up a set of these rims. I currently have 18" rims. The WRX are 18 x 8.5 +55. They come with a set of 245/40/18 tires on them, but looking to go back to stock size 225/50/18. Anything I should know or look out for?


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OEM 18 inch wheels are 18x7.5J Offset 55. They fit 225-50R18 tires.

The WRX wheels are 8.5 inches wide, which may not be appropriate to mount 225-50R18 tires.  You may want to check with a reputable tire shop.

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I am going through some of the same thoughts - for the Avid GT tires (assuming you still have those) the 225/50-18 says it will go on a rim from 7-8" in width

Have you test fit the new wheels yet?  How much clearance do you have between the tire sidewall and the strut?

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