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JDM Import 2005 Legacy GT Spec B KMH to MPH conversion

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First off, I have searched the forum, and also the wider internet, so apologies if I become another newbie asking the same question 🙌🏻

But I have just bought the above car and I would like to convert the speedo to MPH for ease, and also as it would (on older models at least) lift the limiter.
Looking at my research, I assumed the in-line modules (as sold on ebay and such) would be ok, but it looks like I might need a canbus unit instead? The extra cost is ok, but I would rather make sure of it before buying it.
I could buy conversion dials, but again that doesn't sort the limiter issue.

Does anyone know the best way around this? Alternatively, someone who does the service including the limiter removal as one job?

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