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SOLD: Autostyle Spec B Floor Mats (set of 4)

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Got something here for any of you Spec B lovers :)

IMG_3095.thumb.jpeg.283b026a9377666ab9387a88aa9e5642.jpeg IMG_3094.thumb.jpeg.371c5b9326b658e1953e1e7ad3cd3921.jpegIMG_3098.thumb.jpeg.c665f9fd64c6207ab07511a518517650.jpeg

Just received these customized floor mats from UK. They are LHD, fit great, and very nice quality with royal blue carpet & a thick black backing, grey binding and metal heel pads.

The carpet color didn't end up matching my 07's seats as well as I was hoping (they are a bit overdue for a dye I'll admit), so I'm sending them back out into the world. My hunch is that the blue would match the sti blue a bit better, but I'm not planning on going that route for my own seats.

Bought shipped for $180, asking $120 + PayPal G/S fees & shipping

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  • justabeatty changed the title to FS (PDX): Autostyle Spec B Floor Mats (set of 4) - PENDING
13 minutes ago, All_talk said:

Related question, has any one found a source for a good copy of the OEM '07 Spec B mats? I would like to replace mine but they are long discontinued by Subaru.

Good question, the OEM mats were no longer with the car when I bought it so I'm not sure what they look like but these ones are good quality for aftermarket (they also supply oem mats for certain manufacturers). Personally not sure of any good sources for exact copies but you could probably customize something on autostyle to replicate them closely. I chose the premier style when customizing which come with the leatherette binding by default. You may want to confirm this but I believe the "diplomat" lineup comes with the carpet binding that would more closely match the oem style. This is the diplomat with black carpet and navy binding, not sure how closely the navy matches but royal blue will definitely be too bright.




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  • justabeatty changed the title to FS (PDX): Autostyle Spec B Floor Mats (set of 4)
  • justabeatty changed the title to SOLD: Autostyle Spec B Floor Mats (set of 4)

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