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I have a 2005 lgt manual wagon I’m looking at doing a suspension refresh on. 

I have purchased superpro control arms, whiteline rear lateral links, Bilstien b6 struts with STI pink springs, and moog links front and rear. 

I believe all I have left to purchase would be the front strut mounts. My question is if the STI group N mounts work with the Bilstiens or if I specifically need the spec.b mounts. 

From looking a the cars the group N mounts fit, it seems like they’ll work with the b6 struts but I wanted to see if anyone could confirm the fitment. Flatiron tuning said they don’t see why they wouldn’t so that is encouraging. 

Thanks in advance for any help! I’m very excited to see how the new parts compare to the work out stock suspension. Local shop wants over 3k to install the parts so I’ll probably take a stab at it with a mechanic friend before getting an alignment to try and save some money. 

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