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2014 Legacy Dash 3lights ON --Read code P1449

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Hi, i got a 2014 Legacy 2.5i -- 320,000kms

The engine and transmission are good and powerful.

But the Dash have 3 lights on

Traction conrtol light  + ABS light ((ABS)) + Flashing handbrake light (( ! ))

Now there is No cruise control.

Read engine code P1449 - OEM code: Evap system


Standby 700-800 rpm

slightly tap the padal  will drop to 400rpm car shaking and go back to 800rpm normal.


on the road and highway is very powerful.

but whenthe foot not tap the padal, the RPM will drop very fast.

i'm thinking some hose broken Air leaks?  that cause Gas too thin?

also thinking is the throttle body poblem? or other sensor problem?

Thankyou everyone.



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21 hours ago, Plastixx said:

Clogged/faulty purge valve or blocked vent (spiders/bugs) at the canister. It's also possible for the vent filter to get wet if you go through deep water.

Thanks your reply.

i sloved the RPM problem by cleaning thottlebody very very dirty!!!

but 3 light still on, and i ordered the purge valve first.

i checked with fillup gas, its normal, NOT kicking out a the time, so i think the canister is good : )

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