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Oil Pressure Light Not Working?

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So, I’ve noticed lately that I haven’t been seeing the oil pressure light turn on when I set the ignition to “ON” but haven’t yet started the engine. I’ll definitely see it every once in a while when I power the car up, but most of the time it doesn’t light. It’s probably got plenty of pressure as it sounds and drives fine. I’m not particularly worried about low pressure, but I just thought it weird that light wouldn’t light up.

I vaguely remember there being some dance you could do to make the cluster do a self test or something where all the lights would come on and the gauges would sweep. That would tell me if the physical light in the cluster was working. I can’t for the life of me find the instructions anymore, though.

I assume that the oil pressure switch, given that it only has one terminal, closes when enough pressure is sensed and grounds the connector out to through the threads to the block. One would think that would mean if the wire was damaged, the light would stay on all the time rather than off.

That seems to leave the oil pressure switch sticking closed or the cluster light only working intermittently. Both seem fairly unlikely.

Have you guys ever run across this sort of thing?

’13 Legacy 3.6R, by the way.

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