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Keyless entry diesn't work after driving.


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- Outback 2009 USDM.  In fact, the model is 2008 BP.
- The problem only appears after the trip.
- The problem appears with two keys/fobs.
- The batteries are fresh.

The essence of the problem. 

After the trip, for some time (30-40 seconds) I cannot close the doors by fob.  After these 30-40 seconds, I need to click the “Unlock” button and then “Lock”.  After this, the keyless entry works fine until the next trip.
Dumbest problem.  No information on the internet.
Have you thought about what might happen after the trip?
In fact, only the voltage is on board.  It will be a bit higher, which then decreases over time.
Where to dig?  Have I Change the keyless controll module?

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