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2024... MSRP?

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Hey everyone,

Don't post much here because I don't do much to our Subaru.  Its just a solid vehicle.  But I am looking to get a 2024 Legacy.  I have 2 dealers that have a '24 Legacy Premium.  Their listed online prices are $27,040 and $27,492.  Has anyone bought a Subaru recently?  Are you paying sticker or finding deals?  What can I reasonably offer?  

Appreciate your feedback.

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I bought a 2024 Legacy Sport this past July...MSRP was 35450....We offered 33500 which they refused...Then offered 34k which they took...Always offer something less than sticker price...All they can say is no...Out here in Southern California Legacys really don't sell so they were glad it sold because it sat in the showroom for a few weeks..If you can wait the Legacy will be redesigned for 2025......

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