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5x100 to 5x114.3 drilling on sti rims for legacy


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I found some good rims off a 2010 wrx that are forged so to my understanding I could get them redrilled to fit my 07 legacy wagon. If they will fit is a whole different question the wheels I have now are 18x7 these are 18x8.5 from what I can see I think they will be okay but if anybody’s knows I would hugely appreciate it

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The 2010 WRX rims are 5x100 - the WRX didn't go to 5x114.3 until 2015.  The STi is 5x100 for 2004, but 5x114.3 for all other years.

You can get adapters to convert from 5x100 to 5x114.3 (spacers) - you do not want to re-drill rims.

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Nah they did end up to be 5x114.3 the only wrx wheels that were 5x100 was 2004 and the wheels would have been fine to redrill as they were forged but it just wasn’t possible and I live in New Zealand where for adapters you need cert 

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