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Alarm sounding off

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Been having an ongoing issue with my 05 legacy gt. Stock factory alarm 

About 15-20 sec after arming the car, it will suddenly go off. I made sure it has a new remote battery and checked doors/hood/trunk is fully closed. Also there are no open door indicator on the dash. This is an issue I’ve had since owning the car, beginning to get real annoying. 

Anybody have an idea on what’s going on? Please and thank you. 

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Have you ever messed with the passenger seat?  There is a little black box that's a sensor for the alarm system under the passenger seat that will set off the alarm if it's unplugged (or not fully connected for some reason).  If it's happened since you bought the car, the previous owner might have done it; may be worth a check.

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Just checked and there are no loose or disconnect wires. 
I have an 06 Wrx wagon as well, and what I would notice differently from the two is that when I would arm the Wrx, I would get a steady pause light pause light on the security dash. 
However on the legacy I would get an instant rapid security light as soon as I arm the car and before it goes off, it’ll have two steady lights. 
Hope this all makes sense. 

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