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HVAC evaporator replacement instructions

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Hey all. My beloved 2000 GT a/c stopped working a few weeks ago. The sniffer tells me that refrigerant is leaking only inside from under the dash, so I fear an evaporator or a related O-ring. If I have to go in there, it seems like it makes sense to just replace the evap, even if that isn't the bug. Aftermarket is cheap. 

I can't find, in the service manuals or the YouTubes, how this can be done, hopefully without pulling the dash. I do see that it is possible on other Subaru models. Does anyone have a link to the instructions that I can read or watch...or have any info to add? Thank you! I hate to think that it'll be a winter only car for me after 200k+ miles. 


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Also, if anyone can advise on how to log in to legactgt.org, that would be great. The security image doesn't show, so I can get past that to login, register again, or contact them.

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