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Coolant reservoir for a 1991 JDM Legacy Wagon

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I have a 1991 Legacy Wagon JDM with a EJ20G. My coolant reservoir needs replaced but can't source one. The coolant leaks once it gets up to temp. Any suggestions in finding one online or if perhaps another model from Subaru would work? I come across one for each EJ motor except from the first gen Legacy. Any help would be appreciated. 



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Hi, This is really old - July- but FWIW - that's going to be super rare. Most people replace w/the USDM WRX '02+ version. I don't know how much is different, but should work w/some creative hose mods.  There were metal and composite versions. Likely find them on Ebait or NASIOC.com.


For the original, I'd look on Ebay UK or Ebay Australia sites. 

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