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2014 final year 7-seater Tribeca 3.6R, 98.5k miles

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Got ours listed for sale on the Tribeca forums, going onto CarGurus soon if you all know anyone looking for one! Well cared for as expected from an LGT.com oldie. 3.6R, all in great shape. Would be great as an all terrain modded Subaru. Completely stock with OEM everything.

Add-ons include Inno Crossbars and Curt 2" Trailer Hitch and wiring harness.




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Thanks! Hey Mike. Long time to see from our San Diego days. We moved across the country to NC and got this Tribeca just before our 3rd was born. Going to find something a bit larger to accommodate our family of 6 now!

Posted on CarGurus and our FB marketplace now... of course OBO for our Legacygt peeps or referrals. 

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