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Trying to make myself like the wheels with custom fender flares. What say you?

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Intriguing shape of the flares. 

It's your car so if you hate it less then that's a step in the right direction.

The paint looks well executed but I don't think it's doing the car or the wheels any favors from a design congruency perspective. It took me a minute to realize that was the finished product and not just the bondo step. 

Post up a rear 3/4 shot, people on here always like various flares! 

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Gross IMO, these narrow body cars do not look good with flares and weird widebody kits. If you love it do it. But I get some many people who love my car the way it looks. All these rocket bunny, and missing rear bumpers, or deleted this and that just do not look nice. It almost like you ran out of money trying to do the work. But if it is your jam dew it. I do love a stock wibebody hell cat.

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