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Still Miss My 07 LGT Spec.B But...

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Just traded in my 2013 S4 towards a 2019 RS5 Sportback and man, it's a beast...  Even better, with a quick change of Drive Select, it becomes a kitten - or at least fairly close.

And bonus points - there's almost no need for any real modifications.  Of course the tradeoff is that when it comes time to change tires, I'm out $1.8k.  And brakes are going to be around $3k if I do them myself...




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2013 S4 - Glacier White - DSG - B&O - Tech Package - Sports Diff - Napa - RS4 Grille - Stasis Exhaust - APR Intake - KW Variant 1 - Stern Control Arms - CR-15 - Stasis RSB - Moog Endlinks - PC Hyper Black Peelers - Deval Front Lip - ECS Rear Diffuser - Carbon Imports Ducktail - ECS Mirror Caps - Relak Paddle Extensions - Autostyle Floor Mats - LED Interior - V1 - Blackvue DR900s -



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I don't doubt that the RS5 is a beast but the vehicles we love and remember the most are the cars that had some personality. Not necessarily visually, but they gave us a feedback that made our senses happy.

The most memorable I have owned is a Yamaha XT500. Quirky in its own way, consumed oil, non-existent brakes but a blast to ride.

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