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Replace front lower control arm bushings or arm(s)?

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The rear bushings on one arm are loose. The car has 107.5K miles and I plan to keep it. I have several questions:

1. Should I replace just the bushings or the arm?

2. If the arm, should I also replace the ball joint?

3. If the arm, should I replace both sides?

4. If both sides, are there some firmer bushings I should consider?

I've read  what I could find about the Perrins; they seem too stiff for our New England ripples and potholes. But I couldn't find any other alternatives to OEM firmness.

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I would do both arms with the ball joints, it would seem like a lot of work to remove and install only bushings in my opinion. buy oem unless you are taking your car to the track every weekend. I did my FLCA in a parking lot because i slid in to a curb and twisted it like a pretzel lol.

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FYI, received quotes from my local shop to replace bushings and ball joints in both arms with oem parts. Buying the parts plus labor was $700, buying the arms to reduce the labor was $1,000 (both excluding alignment). With dealer labor rates I expect that the prices would be closer.

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