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Remote starter?

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Hey folks!


Me again! So while I was looking for something else in my owner's manual folder, I found the little poster-thing from the car's initial sale, which included its options package details. To my surprise, it listed "remote engine starter", which is news to me. I had considered having an aftermarket one installed in the past. How do I go about activating it? My girl just got a Tacoma, and it is activated by pressing the lock button three times on the keyfob. Is there something similar for the Subaru, or does it take a special fob?



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Oh, I'm tired and didn't comprehend that it might already be installed. In that case just get a replacement fob and program it. I think the programming sequence is key on/off three times, then on, wait for lights to flash and horn to honk 3 times, click button on fob once, wait for lights and 1 honk, and then key off. Edited by Plastixx
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