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Has anyone fit 16" wheels on a LGT?


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lgt brakes are too big for 16"


no 16" in existence that would fit?


i've measured it against my wifes standard vw polo 16 inch wheels and a couple more mil and i'd get them over. Must be some fancy rally wheels that have good clearance for big brake calipers...

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lgt brakes are too big for 16". In 18 years, a 4th gen has been available in the USA, no one has posted a 16" wheel that fit. Supposedly xenonk found some based on his post, but wheels were listed.


you could always grind the brakes a little, mount the wheels, then grind them a little. Or remove the bigger brakes and install na brakes.


curious why it even matters?

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Thanks for reply. Only matters because there are loads of bad roads and pot holes here and the more rubber the better. I run 215/50 17s at the mo and they arent bad but 215/55 16s would be even better.


However like you say it does look like id be better off staying with 17s

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