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Which tuning method?


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So, my exhaust is rotting away, and I have an Invidia catted dp, and catless up to install once the weather gets a little nicer here. I am also thinking about replacing the manifolds with elh, likely killer-b. Car is full stock otherwise (to my knowledge). Also doing mid-pipe and mufflers but that won't affect tune really.


Would the better option be to go with an accesport or go full custom tune? I don't need max power, just a nice reliable tune that will take care of the missing O2 sensor codes. I am toying with the idea of upgrading to a vf52 as well as the stock turbo is approaching 110k miles. Not sure how long they typically last.


I like the flexibility the AP would provide as I wouldn't have to go book time with a tuner (not many in my area that are close) everytime I make a change.


This has probably been hashed out many times but I appreciate suggestions/responses.

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