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Differences in Sidefeed Injectors?


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I have two sets of injectors - OEM 2005 GT injectors with metal pintle caps and 6 nozzle holes, and some other OEM 550 cc side feeds with plastic pintle caps and 4 nozzle holes. I don't know what car the other injectors actually came from but they should be either STI or Forester XT.


Question: are the 2005 GT injectors better than the other injectors? I would assume they are due to the obvious differences but maybe the tuners using them both are seeing no major differences.


The 2005 injectors are in the car, and possibly leak past the lower o-ring. The other injectors have just been tested and reconditioned and my plan was the put them in, until I pulled an injector and noticed the differences.

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Atomization efficiency (which could lead to better mpg/power). But it is so minuscule to consider in the size and design of the injector and its intended use.




The other (which the OEM probably did not consider) would be the likely hood of a blockage from using e85 without proper care.



Both really have no impact on any Subie running a 550cc side feed. In all likely hood it was a tooling change, supplier change, cost change. Not a change for better efficiency, power, reliability, etc.

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