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Tein Endurapro struts for 4th gen LGT


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Did anybody know these exist? Apparently Jonny Walker (guy who converted a Legacy GT wagon to right-hand drive, lives close to me here in the PNW) has some of these on his car. They're compatible with Tein's electronic damper control system and don't require cutting up factory shocks like the Konis do.




Him and I were talking about these and he says nobody seems to know they exist. He described his experience with them (the Endurapro Plus) and his lift springs as a pretty cushy ride. Wondering if anybody on here has experience with these. Would be nice to be able to use some drop-in replacement shocks rather than cut up the KYBs in our cars for Konis.

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Almost 2 years and nobody have any experience with them? I have unused H&R spring, wondering if they Tein Endura pro pair better compared to Koni yellow.

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I was a Tein dealer and did not know they existed.  Its not like Tein is pushing them in any way.  I don't know of any car that ever had them other than JW.  I can say that from my personal experience with Tein over 30 years I would go Koni.

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