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08 LGT Spec B Rebuild inprocess, confused

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Hey all, currently in the rebuild process of my car, it's my first time doing all of the work hands-on, and I know somewhat what I am looking for, but I cannot find the issue of the failure, so I am looking for a second opinion. Quick substory of what happened....


Car is stage 1 pro tuned, in other words, catback/intake, other then that, car is completely stock.


So a couple of weeks ago, I was cruising, rowing through the gears, and did a flat-out 4th gear pull. Before I know it, the car completely choked, and I began to hear what I THOUGHT was major grinding of the turbine against the housing, and the infamous blade whine noise. I would have bet $50k that the VF-46 blew, it does after all have 136k miles on it. So I was like well, dam, sucks but time for an upgrade anyway. I drove the car home, with no CEL light, but at idle, the AFR ratio jumped up to 18.0-20.0 mark, obviously extremely lean. Parked the car, drained the oil some metal in there, but nothing immediately frightening. I pulled the tmic, dp/up off, and pull out the VF-46, here is the catch. ALMOST ZERO shaft play, the housing and the turbine look PERFECT especially for the mileage and age of the turbo.


At this point, between the serious lack of power of the car, the whining noise (extremely useless and vague I know, but sorry, not sure else how to describe it.) that sounds like the tubine hitting the housing, and the lean air-to-fuel ratio when Idling in neutral, and the lack of a check engine light, I'm not sure what other type of failures I should be looking for. The car doesn't lose any oil, headgasket/PCV were fine, and no smoke out of the tail pipe so I wouldn't think it to be a piston#4 taking a dump.


Just looking for some insight on what other failure I should most likely be looking for. Regardless I have my stage2+ TIC Shortblock that will be going in the car soon.


Thanks for your help!

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