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2013 Front End Rotational Noise 158k

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Hi all,

I have a 2013 2.5i Limited 158k which has developed front end rotational noise. It occurs when driving straight and any direction. I have recently replaced front brakes + rotors and also replaced the tires in 2019.


Thus far to troubleshoot I have:

-Replaced left, right front hub / bearing assemblies with OEM parts

-Alignment + 4 wheel rebalancing + tire rotation

-Noise has stayed at front end


I checked to see if there was rubbing of the rusted brake dust cover into the brake rotor, it does not appear to be causing the noise.


Any idea the next place to look?


The noise appears to be once per rotation, it is very loud at low speeds, and somewhat blends in / “quiets down” at higher speed


Many thanks!

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Sounds like a sticky brake caliper to me. After you have driven for a while feel your wheels. If one is warmer than the rest, that is the one with the sticky caliper. I had the exact same issue and new calipers solved the problem.
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Thank you both for the suggestions. I was very suspicious of both the front calipers sticking, as well as the CV axle. As it turns out, I was driving the vehicle recently and heard some very unsightly noises! About 5 miles later, a very large (CRACK!) and the car slowed to a screeching halt. I believe I have found at least ONE of the sources of the noise, and it wasn't what I expected!! <LOL>



I believe I am at the end of my 2.5i CVT's life (158k and change), and thus the end of the road for my 5Gen.




She gave me 7+ years of joy and smooth riding! May she rest in peace <RIP>

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